Getting Started

What drives us at Humaniq, and how is our app, and our HMQ coin, different to the mobile wallets and cryptocurrency we've seen in the past? Find out more about our mission to harness the Blockchain for good and get your questions about our mission to bring financial services to the global unbanked answered here.

Banking in Humaniq

Banking with Humaniq is simple and secure. The first time that you use the Humaniq app, you authenticate your identity so that you never need any passwords or documentation to access your account. Our face recognition technology will confirm your identity and keep your transactions secure. You are then issued with HMQ, Humaniq coins, for passing bio-identification, so you can immediately get started.

You gain more HMQ for engaging with the app, for example by recommending friends and by making transactions. The more people you know who use the app, the more powerful the app becomes. HMQ enables a peer-to-peer economy. One of the main functions is sending or receiving HMQ directly to other users of the app instantly and at virtually zero-cost - making sending sums smaller than $10 without losing money possible for the first time.

We are also talking to major shopping franchises in the markets we are targeting about making HMQ a payment option. And we are working to provide the infrastructure necessary to exchange cryptocurrency for local currency.

We will also be adding further services over time. The plan is that you will be able to use the app to access micro-finance lenders for small loans in a ‘Borrow’ tab, and even employment in the ‘Earn’ tab, where on-line, paid tasks are collected and available for you to perform. Humaniq is a bank that pays.