Whether it is our users in the Global South, our HMQ coin holders and investors, or our partners developing new financial services for an unserved market, our community makes Humaniq. Find out the many ways you can get involved in our community and help us achieve our mission to bring the global unbanked into the 21st Century economy.


The stories of the difference that Humaniq makes to individual lives are shared on the Humaniq blog. Whether it’s how smartphones can pay for themselves when people download, log into and use the app, or how the app provides a new way for microfinance to be provided without field representatives, the blog tells these stories.
The blog is also a platform where Humaniq shares the latest on our own story as it unfolds. This includes the latest developments on our ICO (initial coin offering), the mentions we receive from experts  in Fintech, Blockchain, financial inclusion and collaborative economy media, forums and blogs, as well as the descriptions of our participation in events with industry partners. As we start to pilot the app, it will also include the stories of our users, how they are using Humaniq, and the difference it is making to their lives. We already have examples of how the app can be used, including, recently, how it can save people on some of the lowest incomes on Earth money on instant messaging.

We would love to hear from users and we always welcome feedback by emailing