Getting Started

What drives us at Humaniq, and how is our app, and our HMQ coin, different to the mobile wallets and cryptocurrency we've seen in the past? Find out more about our mission to harness the Blockchain for good and get your questions about our mission to bring financial services to the global unbanked answered here.

Code of Conduct

We invite you to get involved in Humaniq. We want to build a global community and an economy where everybody matters and can get involved. Our code of conduct underpins our hopes. We would like it to be honoured by everybody joining and taking part in Humaniq.

  1. Communicate and share. Humaniq can achieve our mission of bringing banking to the unbanked if we are aware of what is working well and what is working less well. Successes help us to show users, partners and investors potential uses and impacts of the Humaniq app and the HMQ tokens, knowledge that helps us to achieve our aims. And constructive criticism helps us to change things so that we can better serve all those currently shut out of opportunities to progress. The Humaniq team will also be as open as we can.
  2. Respect others. Everybody matters and everybody has ideas and needs to be heard. We want to encourage feedback and suggestions in our community as Humaniq grows. We can all help to do this by being respectful of others and what they have to say. A peer-to-peer economy both tears down old ways of doing things and makes individual respect more important. And a community where everybody feels comfortable to express themselves and to contribute is a community that will learn, strengthen and flourish.
  3. Collaborate. The beauty of the Humaniq app is that it underpins peer-to-peer collaboration. This allows partnerships between the many, and active participants rather than service user relationships people have with traditional banking institutions. This requires you all to pour your energies into this new way of working. So whether you are a Humaniq app user or a developer, we invite you to enter into the spirit of this new way of creating value and building an economy. The Humaniq team will respond positively. We want to facilitate peer-to-peer lending, partnership and support and to foster the provision of new services delivered by others through our app.