Whether it is our users in the Global South, our HMQ coin holders and investors, or our partners developing new financial services for an unserved market, our community makes Humaniq. Find out the many ways you can get involved in our community and help us achieve our mission to bring the global unbanked into the 21st Century economy.


Our ICO (Initial Coin Offering) was the first major opportunity to obtain Humaniq tokens and join the global community that uses HMQ and believes in HMQ as the digital currency for the many. It followed a pre-ICO in December 2016 which raised $110,000.

The opportunity to be part of Humaniq was widened to many more people in the ICO from the 6th April to the 27th April. There were in total 11,600 participants who made an average contribution of $430, raising $5.1m for the project. Each participant was able to buy 1,000 HMQ tokens or more. The majority of those supporting our vision and joining our community were motivated by our strategy and the huge untapped potential market of the 2bn unbanked people in the world.

The HMQ tokens were then released on the 5th May, with a fifth issued for the HMQ team, including to invest in business development and marketing. Following the ICO, Humaniq has appeared on the following exchanges:Bittrex, Liqui,  Yobit, C-CEX. The majority of the HMQ tokens will be created by the unbanked later this year when the Humaniq app starts to be piloted in areas currently shut out of financial services.