Whether it is our users in the Global South, our HMQ coin holders and investors, or our partners developing new financial services for an unserved market, our community makes Humaniq. Find out the many ways you can get involved in our community and help us achieve our mission to bring the global unbanked into the 21st Century economy.


At Humaniq we believe that it is important to share the latest news and achievements with our followers. We enjoy keeping the community updated on the events we are taking part in, meetups we are arranging, new countries we are visiting on our mission, and strategic partnerships we establish.

Currently, as we are developing and launching our app - we are producing two types of weekly reviews on alternate weeks. One is a general overview of the latest Humaniq activities. Another is specific technical review, dedicated to the app development updates.

We share Humaniq news via weekly video round-ups on our youtube channel. From now on we will also keep you posted with our podcasts featuring  regular round-ups as well as some more stories, pics and team members opinions.