Safer way to save your money

Life happens. Sometimes it is too dangerous to walk with some cash in your pocket. Especially when you have a significant amount on you. So it’s obvious that it’s safer to use electronic transactions for some payments or just for saving. Usually we use computers or phones to access our bank accounts. But what if we don’t use a bank and use Humaniq instead?

With Humaniq App, you can always access your money. Even without the phone you first used the App on!

So what if your phone is lost, or you have a new one? First of all, if someone’s found your phone, he or she won’t be able to use your money, because they won’t have access to your Humaniq wallet without you. It's only you who can access your money.

So open Humaniq App on another phone. To keep your money safe for you, the App checks your identity. You take a photo of your face, and you put your password in. And then you are ready!

On the new phone you can start using your Humaniq wallet again! Humaniq App is the safe way to keep money and to pay.