Whether it is our users in the Global South, our HMQ coin holders and investors, or our partners developing new financial services for an unserved market, our community makes Humaniq. Find out the many ways you can get involved in our community and help us achieve our mission to bring the global unbanked into the 21st Century economy.

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All our Humaniq users are our ambassadors, essential to achieving our aim of giving the over two billion unbanked people new opportunities to receiving and earning money, and accessing finance. This includes users with a formal role to spread the word who are on our Humaniq Ambassador Program. These are dozens of Bitcoiners living in developing countries such as Afghanistan, Botswana, Indonesia, Pakistan and Sierra Leone who have started to introduce Humaniq and its possibilities to others - and who earn cryptocurrency in return. In addition, everybody using the app is rewarded by recommending friends through the platform.