Whether it is our users in the Global South, our HMQ coin holders and investors, or our partners developing new financial services for an unserved market, our community makes Humaniq. Find out the many ways you can get involved in our community and help us achieve our mission to bring the global unbanked into the 21st Century economy.

User stories

Humaniq is an app that opens up a world of possibilities for users, giving the unbanked people living around the world financial services for the first time.

The ways in which this will help them to progress and to improve their lives are manifold and independent cryptocurrency and Fintech experts and commentators have recognised this. Members of this community have said in a number of reviews of our project that it will be “life-changing” for the global unbanked and that it “solves a clear problem,” the lack of access in developing nations to digital currency and the ability to make transactions easily and cheaply. This, the community says, means Humaniq is “empowering the impoverished,” ,  allowing more people to participate in the digital economy, and is an “extremely vital” project that is “unique” among cryptocurrency projects and is a good investment that has “explosive, long-term potential”.

They have also commented on the specific benefits of Humaniq, including how it meets the need for an app that allows peer-to-peer finance to be offered and provides the opportunity to earn income to the 2bn unbanked in Africa, Asia and Latin America. We are pleased that the mission that excites us, to bring those currently shut out of the 21st Century economy into it, is sparking the interest and involvement of others too.


As Told by Humaniq

Humaniq ambassadors live in the countries that have the biggest need for banking services and to participate in the 21st Century economy, such as Sierra Leone and Tanzania. They share our belief in opening up banking to all those shut out from routes to borrowing, sending, and earning money. They are the passionate people working alongside us who are best-placed to tell the stories of all those who stand to benefit from the opportunities that making banking accessible.

Humaniq’s partners and advisors, meanwhile, the ‘faces of Humaniq,’ are all those amazing people who are working with us because they, too, want a world where everybody can progress and improve their lives by accessing finance and making transactions. They include those developing digital inclusion applications sitting on top of the Humaniq app that will unleash its full potential as a platform for the global unbanked, all based on the Ethereum Blockchain and all fuelled by the HMQ tokens. They include Kumar Gaurav, founder of Cashaa, a peer-to-peer marketplace powered by the Blockchain, and Tim Campbell, founder of the Bright Ideas trust to widen access to entrepreneurship.

Members of the core team at Humaniq also share their stories, with Dinis Guarda, our CEO, sharing how he became involved in the project to widen financial inclusion across the globe while creating a new peer-to-peer economy: see here and here. Dinis and the team also provide regular updates as the project progresses to give an insight into what is happening behind the scenes and to invite questions and involvement, including in a Facebook live in June 2017.