What is the Blockchain good for

What is the Blockchain good for? It puts you in control of your money so you can save and pay for things safely - without the Government or banks. 

Any national currency you have can be taken away from you. Online payment providers can freeze your accounts. But the Blockchain means you have some digital money that no government, bank, mobile or other company can touch.

This digital money, cryptocurrency, is for everybody, wherever you live, or what ID you have. You only need a smartphone.

How do you use cryptocurrency? In the Humaniq Community, you can easily do business with other people. You can see who is trusted, and do business with them directly - with no middle-man. 

You simply send and get HMQ coin with Humaniq App. You don’t need big businesses or big prices.

The more people who have cryptocurrency, the more and more useful it becomes. The Humaniq Community is growing to one million HMQ users this year. And you get rewarded for inviting your friends and family to join!

Why? Because Blockchain and cryptocurrency like HMQ means a new economy, with more opportunities for you.