Why Crypto can better than real money

Cryptocurrency (which is HMQ, Bitcoin, Etherum and many more) has many advantages over ‘real’ or old money – and the possibilities for this new, better money – like HMQ – are growing every day.

Cryptocurrency supplied by its users and investors is valuable in a way old money can never be. It gives the people a way to grow their money in line with the growth of the new, digital economy. So national banks and politicians alone cannot make your money buy less.

Cryptocurrency gives close-to-zero fees in a way old money cannot – even when you are sending money to people in other countries. It does this by cutting costs by ending unnecessary bank administration. So you keep more of your own money.

Best of all: cryptocurrency expands opportunities in a way that old money cannot. This digital currency opens doors and connects people to new goods and services even if you don't have a bank account. You can do business with small traders in other regions or even nations. The old money was only useful in your local market – or to buy from global companies.

Cryptocurrency: it is your money, only growing more, costing you less, and getting you further.