Crypto Basics

How can Humaniq liberate people from a reliance on the old,centralised banks, and how can we help make a more collaborative, peer-to-peer economy happen? How can we maintain a record of all transactions without banks, and offer financial services everywhere? Whether you want to know about the Blockchain or smart contracts, decentralised apps or gas, here we share the technical underpinnings of the Humaniq app and the HMQ cryptocurrency.

HMQ and Ethereum

HMQ is the Humaniq cryptocurrency token. The Ethereum platform facilitated the launch of our currency for the global unbanked by providing a common standard. This ERC20 standard allowed HMQ to immediately work with all decentralised apps that also conform to the standard, which means that if you use any of a number of mobile wallet such as, for example, Coinbase and Jaxx you can hold HMQ. It also means that HMQ are easily exchangeable with other cryptocurrency tokens that follow the ERC20 rules, including Ether, the Ethereum token. Humaniq is still young: our ICO (initial coin offer) was only held in April 2017 and the Humaniq app launch is scheduled for August. But HMQ can already be exchanged with other currencies in a number of online exchanges: SpaceBTC, Yobit, Bittrexx Liqui and C-CEX.