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The team at Humaniq is diverse, spread around Europe and Africa. We are motivated to bring a positive contribution to the world, and we really believe that we can do it. Unfortunately, this platform has development and maintenance costs.
Funds you donate will go to the further development of Humaniq Care, Humaniq application and infrastructure. You can leave a message or proposal in your donation message (and contact email, if you want) — we will read every one of it and try align our plans accordingly

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How it started and Our 1st success story

On #GivingTuesday 2018 Humaniq has launched a fundraising campaign for the B-Gifted Foundation in Sierra Leone.

The goal was to collect $1500 in donations to distribute teddy bears and toys to kids who were left orphaned by the Ebola outbreak, and we absolutely smashed that objective!

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Help Us Support 80 Deaf and Mute Students in Sierra Leone!

Currently, there are 80 pupils studying in this school. They are talented and thirsty for knowledge. They need our support!

The goal is to collect $4,800 to cover all 80 students for their needs this year.

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