Assistance for The National School for the Deaf in Sierra Leone

There are so many children in the world who need our help. What is special about this group of young people?

- During the rainy season, flooding prevents these students from attending classes

- Some classrooms are very dark, as they are located below ground level

- Many children need a place to stay overnight, but it’s dangerous for them to walk in city traffic

- There is only one toilet for the whole school

- There are not enough textbooks, and the school uniforms are worn out

- Kids are not well fed. Some have no money for a proper meal

- Many students walk barefoot

And if that is not enough, these students are DEAF and MUTE. They require a special education environment to learn and become as productive as those gifted with all the senses.

Thankfully, such a school exists: The National School for the Deaf (NSFD) was established in 1965 by the Sierra Leone Society for the Deaf. It is a voluntary and non-governmental organization. NSFD relies on charity support and has only minimal support from the local government. For this Holiday Season, Humaniq and Hope for Lives in Sierra Leone have partnered to provide that support!

List of Basic Needs for the School:

- Tuition fee per child for the whole year – 120,000 SLL ($13.95)

- Books (12) costs 120,000 SLL ($13.95) - need to replace three sets as the year goes around with a total 360,000 SLL ($41.86)

- Stationary (pencils, erasers, pens, rulers, chalkboard, etc.) – 100,000 SLL ($11.62)

- Shoes – 50,000 SLL ($5.8)

- School bags – 50,000 SLL ($5.8)

- One set of school uniform – 80,000 SLL ($9.3) (3 sets per pupil per year = 240,000 SLL ($27.9))


- Min per child per year = 520,000 SLL ($60.46)

- Max per child per year = 920,000 SLL ($106.97)

Please ask any questions to the creator of the project here:

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