Provision of medical insurance for orphans in Tanzania (STSD)

Stand Together for Smart Development (STSD) is a non-profit organization operating in Tanzania and it exists to fulfill its objective in the interests of the society as a whole. The main objective of this organization is to help alleviate poverty in Tanzania by promoting and improving different aspects of life like healthcare, economic prosperity, food security and education. What triggered the organization to come to existence is mainly to see a society where people have access to affordable and sustainable standard of living and to promote sustainable development to every Tanzanian citizen. The main project at hand is to help the orphans in Tanzania to get health insurance. It is very expensive even for a middle class person to get treatment without having health insurance, this is a middle class person what about these kids who are orphans. Therefore the goal is to collect enough money that will help these children get their health insurance so they can be able to focus on other things like school and just being a kid without the fear that they will not have money to pay for the hospital bills whenever they get sick. The focus is to start with 500 children across the country and later increase the number so as to cover almost all children who are orphans in the country. Therefore STSD is asking for anyone that will be touched and is willing to donate to help these kids, so that together we can help ease their lives since they have no one to help them. The point is to at least give them a security for them to know that they are covered when it comes to their health.

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