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Donate school uniforms and get a child in the classroom. Children who attend school get to expand their worldview and think beyond the jobs available in their communities. As a result they get to dream bigger. There are several challenges that children face despite the reality where many township schools gives a total different picture. The hardship and difficult circumstances under which children are living cause many not to achieve their dreams. People in the township are seldom living under the 1$ per day line as a result of unemployment.

Consequently, they are facing every day challenges as hunger, substance abuse and crime. As a result children don?t get the attention they need to succeed in their academic performance. Class rooms with over 50 children, the lack of resources in schools, dealing with social and educational problems and hunger are often also contributing to dropouts. A life in the street is for many and they struggle to survive.

A shocking statistic shows that 78% of standard 4 students cannot read. Sadly compared with the 49 other countries, Tanzania is dead last -according to The Pirls (Progress in International Reading and Literacy Study) report released in 2017. Furthermore, statistics show that in the Eastern Cape 46% of the children are dropping out before reaching grade 12. Together we can let them dream bigger. The simple fact is that many families are facing deep financial hardship and as a result are not able to support their children with school fees, uniforms, shoes and stationary and this is the reason that has caused many children to drop out of school.

GIVE THEM CLOTHS project has set up a school fund to assist those children to pay for their uniforms, shoes and stationary. The plan is to start with 50 children and later expand to help many more. Help us to get those children in the class room and donate a school outfit. Donate $300 for school uniform and let a child dream bigger.

Please ask any questions to the creator of the project here:

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