Hi! My name Alfred Cheruiyot Mutai. This fund drive is geared towards raising tuition fee for Alfred Mutai from Belgut district in Kenya. When I completed my secondary education I really wanted to go to the university to get my degree but this never happened due to the poor financial position that my family was in. My dream was shuttered because I have always wanted to be a teacher so I can be able to impact knowledge on the younger generation that would create a better tomorrow for them.

Therefore since I could not just stay at home I had to find jobs that would enable me and my family to survive but also raise money to help get my degree but this has been very difficult. I recently work as an untrained teacher mostly just a volunteer in one of the schools where I get only allowances that cannot help me raise money for me to be able to go back to school and acquire my degree. All am asking is for anyone that would be will to support me so I can be able to accomplish my dream of joining the university to pursue a degree course in Special Needs Education and finally become a teacher by profession. I have an interest on this course due to the passion I have in teaching and I feel that the only way I can pay back to the society is by influencing the future generation through avenues created by education and especially for those that are differently abled.

The amount that i am humbly asking for people to donate for me is 5000 USD where I will be able to attend the course for 4 years and each year has two semesters. The total number of semesters will be 8 and tuition fee for each semester is $ 550 and the rest will enable me to survive while in school. Your help will be very much appreciated!

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Created February 24, 2019


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