The North Kivu in general, specifically Masisi territory constitutes an area of excessive insecurity where violence of all kinds including sexual violence, those based on gender and domestic, etc have become a means of humiliation and destruction of the woman. This project aims to reinforce women, young ladies and traditional leader’s abilities to influence change in bad practices, promote women empowerment and monitor violations of women’s rights. For more than two decades, the territory of Masisi in North Kivu Province has been almost entirely victim of armed and ethnic conflicts that have been generated by the proliferation and illegal possession of weapons by civilians which led to a consequence on all the population of the area and particularly on women and girls who are victims of sexual harassment and those based on gender. In short, massive violations of human rights. On the socio-economic front, generally, victims of sexual violence are stigmatized, this generates stress and trauma and other victims are directly rejected even by their relatives, including their husbands. For victims/survivors, most of them do not denounce once raped for fear of the reprisals of those who did it but also of the slowness of the justice; therefore, other families of the victims/survivors, prefer the settlement amicably.

It is in this context that WAHDI ASBL came up with this project with the aim of responding to the violence against women and girls and help end this kind of violence in this part of Masisi territory. We therefore need financial assistance so as to attain this goal, we will start with 50 women and young girls that have been affected by these violent acts and also we will work with traditional leaders as well since most people have more faith in them and it is easy for them to communicate with them.

Therefore the donation that we will receive will be used mostly for; 1) the organization of a capacity building workshop for 50 women and young ladies on female leadership and women’s empowerment (2) organization of a capacity building workshop for traditional leaders and politico-administrative authorities on legal instruments for the suppression of sexual violence and women’s rights (3) organization of radio awareness sessions on violence against women (4) organization of 4 cases monitoring sessions of sexual violence in the community.

Your donation and support will help bring change to our community and create a society where women and young girls are valued, respected, their voice is heard and their rights are not violated.

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