About Humaniq

A little snapshot about the people that live Humaniq and run Humaniq.

Our Mission

Today, two billion people around the world do not have access to banking. Humaniq aims to increase financial inclusion worldwide by providing new financial services to the unbanked based on Blockchain technology and biometric identification systems. With this new mobile digital economy, we will help people who are excluded from the financial system break free from poverty and improve their lives, and emerging economies shift into the cryptoeconomy.

Humaniq Team

Alex Fork
Founder, CEO
Humaniq founder and Fintech entrepreneur Alex is one of the most important members of the international Blockchain community, who has worked with the UN to lead the deployment of Blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of UN resources and remittances. He has also spearheaded the harnessing of blockchains in Russia, organising a conference for 500 participants on the Ethereum Blockchain; authoring Bitcoin. More than Just Money; and founding the Fintech accelerator for startups in Russia, Future Fintech. He started Humaniq to help lift the global banked out of poverty.
Anton Mozgovoy
Team Lead
Anton was motivated to work with Humaniq to use his experience in both computer science and finance to help to bring happiness for all across the world. He is passionate about freedriving and wakeboarding, and, of course, staying late to finish work.
Kirill Goryunov
Andrey Gidaspov
Chief Global Development Officer
Segrey Blinov
Bringing experience of social media and customer service support, Segrey is passionate about Blockchain technology and his family.
Danny Kass
Danny’s background is in social media, B2B sales and customer service support. He loves cryptoeconomy and technology and at Humaniq is motivated to disrupt the financial industry with an ecosystem for entrepreneurs to make changes from the bottom up.
Olga Derbio
Graphic Designer
Olga has a background in architecture, interior design and graphic design, and is passionate about inspiring others, building sites, spontaneity, and the universe. She is at Humaniq so she can be creative for social good - and to become a crypto geek!

Humaniq Advisers

David Applefield
Is an American writer and media specialist living in Paris. He has as spent his career developing creative and innovative solutions for business leaders, heads of state, ministries, NGOs, and other not-for- profit foundations. He is the Financial Times representative for Africa, the Middle East and emerging markets.
Matt McKibbin
Is a business development guru and a decentralization evangelist. He became interested in Bitcoin and the blockchain technology in 2012. Technologically savvy, he is an extroverted connector driven by a desire to see transformative and decentralized technologies positively affect the 7 billion people on the planet. He is based in the Washington DC metro area.
Alex Bausch
Is an entrepreneur with broad experience in all aspects of international business development and the creation of global technology companies. He strongly believes in partner ecosystems which aim to inspire and spawn new innovations. His specialties include: SaaS services, mobile identity security, the IoT, enterprise managed mobility, decentralised ledger technology, marketing, and product development.
Nick Ayton
Is a writer, speaker and educator of all things Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. He is a Fintech 100 Influencer and Number 21 Rise Blockchain Top 100. He has had eight startups and held many senior roles in major IT and tech companies. He now chairs various Blockchain events and advises a range of clients on Blockchain technology, bitcoin and Ethereum. One of his latest projects is to raise funds using cryptoeconomics and create a new film finance model to make a mini- series for TV about the Bitcoin Revolution, an asset backed Token, and a new Media and Film Production business on Ethereum.
Michael Terpin
Michael Terpin co-founded BitAngels (, the world's first angel network for digital currency startups, in May 2013, and now serves as its chairman. The distributed angel network currently has more than 600 members, and it has made more than 25 investments in bitcoin and cryptocurrency companies with two exits and several follow-on rounds. Terpin is also co-founder and managing partner of bCommerce Labs (, the first technology incubator fund focused on e-commerce companies for bitcoin and the blockchain, and a partner at Flight VC.
Dmitry Kaminskiy
An innovative entrepreneur and investor active in Biotech, Fintech, Blockchain and artificial intelligence, Dmitry is co-founder of the Deep Knowledge Ventures investment fund, focused on investments in AI and Deeptech. He adheres to the principle of impact investment in all his business activities, believing that business should make a social impact, and he supports the deployment of Blockchain for Good, which led to his decision to support Humaniq from its inception.
Margaretta Colangelo
In tech companies, thinking is the primary activity and the core process used to create value. One of the challenges when thinking about technology is keeping up with constant innovation and envisioning what will evolve next. To stay abreast of emerging technologies, I've built this think tank of investors, entrepreneurs, researchers, and engineers around the world who have progressive ideas. Like a natural ecosystem, our ecosystem consists of interlinked resources that complement each other. As the community expands, it's value increases exponentially for everyone in it. These are some of the people with whom I collaborate regularly.