Frontend developer


Role specifics:

Development of a client application for the purchase of tokens in exchange for cryptocurrency directly off the website, investor profiles, development of the client side of the analytics dashboard, development of the client side of the crowdfunding portal, development of a gaming portal.

Duties and responsibilities:

● Development of web applications with a focus on fintech
○ Multitude of diagrams, graphs, progress bars
○ Trading interfaces
○ Mathematical calculations
● Technical support for the marketing department 
○ Technical execution of AB tests
○ Analytics, cross-cutting analytics

● Analytics dashboard development 
○ Working with map APIs (geolocation) 
○ Interaction with internal and external API services

Required skills:

● Experience in working with the React / Redux / ES6 / Webpack / Babel / npm stack
● Experience in working with Canvas / d3 / TradingView graphics libraries
● Understanding of the HTTP / https / ajax / WebSocket protocol features 
● Understanding the principles of blockchain operation and knowledge of associated terminology (token, address, private key, hash)
● Understanding of the basics of web application security
● Knowledge of exchange terminology (order, trade, candle, volume) and principles of the market structure.
● Technical background
● Accuracy, precision 
● Experience in working as part of a team  

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