Product Manager


● You have over 3 years of experience in the PM position 
● You have managed at least two projects to targets levels. From scratch - preferred
● Customer Development experience, ability to quickly verify hypotheses, create
 MVP solutions, conduct A / B tests, make product related decisions.
● You practice a data-driven approach to decision-making.
● Your Project Management skills are outstanding - you can set processes within the team, design functionality together with developers and release solutions on time meeting the deadlines. 
● You can single handedly resolve problems of any complexity
● Your spoken English is at the Upper-intermediate level - you will have to conduct many in-depth interviews in English.

Goals to be achieved:
● Set up and maintain the hypothesis verification process with ongoing Customer Development and prototyping.
● Find the Product <> Market fit new user segments and needs in the most interesting market in Africa.
● Achieve multiple growth of the main product customer retention metrics 

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