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Humaniq is a London-based company focused on improving lives of everyone in the world by using modern technologies.

We have launched the Humaniq Care crowdfunding platform targeted towards Africa. Its goal is to connect humans across the globe who can help out those who really need a push to succeed. We focus on the smaller causes – which together add up to something much greater.

The team at Humaniq is diverse, spread around Europe and Africa. We are motivated to bring a positive contribution to the world, and we really believe that we can do it. Unfortunately, launching this platform has development and maintenance costs.

Currently, we collect a minimal 5% fee for successful projects, but we hope that eventually we will be able to sustain ourselves purely from voluntary donations.

If you want to donate to help us work on the platform, we accept the most common payment methods:

Bitcoin: 18NQU1rTWe5zdrbVEAzkDY2GoCA66nFUd1

Ethereum: 0x6ECB431A85809e00686218A826CBB2C095b704C2

Thank you for your continued support!

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