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This is an active project that is currently operating Lira district in Uganda. The main objective of this project is to train the youth so as to help them get employment with the aim of eradicating poverty in our society. Therefore our Vision is to see a community free of Hunger and our Mission Statement is to fight Hunger, increase employment, networking, and sustainably enhance income among youth in the community. Our core values: Accountability, transparency, integrity, virtues, excellence.

Currently we are training marginalized youth groups in Lira district on:

• Simple drip irrigation system as part of climate smart agriculture resilience

• Local sandals and shoe making with used tires

• Paper beads making with used calendars and Manila cards especially to the female youth

• Charcoal briquettes making from grasses as part climate change mitigation strategies through

The main reason why we are seeking for donation is to help facilitate us to achieve project’s objectives. The problem we are facing at the moment is we lack the necessary equipment to enable us achieve our objectives because the training requires several equipment such as laptops, cameras, mega phones, training stands, printer, transportation, tablet computer and bags so as to ease the work of our volunteers since these equipment are very essential in our voluntary activities.

Therefore we ask for your assistance in raising 5000 USD so we can be able to acquire the necessary equipment in order to support this project and help eradicate poverty in our society.

Please ask any questions to the creator of the project here:

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Created February 21, 2019


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