I am appealing for funds for the street children of Embakasi in Nairobi Kenya. The funds will go towards the provision of at least three meals per day for young boys leaving in the streets. It really means a lot to me and especially to the young street boys that i provide meals for them. It costs 150 Kenya shillings to provide three meals a day for one boy, currently i am able to provide just one meal at 50 Kenya shillings. The number of boys i provide food for is 20, but sometimes it could be more or less by 5 as these boys don't have a permanent place to stay and keep moving from street to street. My end goal with the help of people who will be touched to assist is to be able to find a place for them to stay and clothes to wear, but for now i just want to be able to provide meals for them then work towards that. With a donation of 2000 US dollars i shall be able to provide them with three meals a day for the next two months as i source for more donations. The support will mean a lot as i am championing the eradication of poverty and this will be one less problem that the street children have to worry about. I will be grateful for any contribution made towards this cause.

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