I am Vicent Salum a tutor at Tabora region in Tanzania. I teach science subjects i.e. chemistry and physics for O'level and A'level. Most of my students being happy with me for what I teach them. As we know that science subjects are understood easily if the experiments being conducted. I tried my self to buy laboratory apparatus to help my young brothers and sisters but I could not fulfill the numbers of my students. I will be thankful for anyone who can donate for me so that I can raise up my services. In my service I need the following apparatus:

10 metre bridge,

5 retort stands,

3 burettes,

20 test tubes,

chemistry and physics books,

20 bottles for storing chemicals,

10 conical flasks,

5 thermometers,

5 ammeters,

5 galvanometers,

5 voltmeter,


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Created February 22, 2019

Vicent Salum

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