Agriculture for Self Employment

This proposal is prepared to seek financial support of 7260 USD (equivalent to 16,840,000 Tsh) which will directly help us as a group of 7 higher education fresh graduate members from Mwenge Catholic University (MWECAU) to have self-employment in agriculture.

The focus of this proposal will be on small farm paddy production in Tanzania, as it is known that Tanzania is among the developing countries where economic growth and per capital income of many individuals depend on agriculture as the back bone of their earnings. Furthermore agricultural products demand has been substantially increased due population growth. Coming to the point of view paddy production in Tanzania takes place mainly into two southern regions which are Mbeya and Morogoro also some other regions like shinyanga, mwanza and tabora where they produce rice in some areas but it is not to the extent that it is produced in the two leading regions. This project seeks to help youths with or with no education at all engaging in productive income generating activities to make them self-reliant and responsible.

The project targets marginalized and unemployed youths of Tanzania that can be gainfully engaged in agricultural related activities specifically rice production. Moreover, the project is expected to cover 5 acres of borrowed land in Mbeya region-Mbalali Rural Area for the said purpose. The land belongs to residents of mbalali, who have decided to make it available for the intended project such as paddy production. This project will help reduce the problem of unemployment for the youth and hunger for the community and hence will help in the eradication of poverty in our country.

Below is a breakdown of how the money will be spent.

1) REQUIRED; Hire land QTY; 5 acres UNIT COST; 100,000 T/COST; 500,000

2) REQUIRED; Hire Tractor QTY; 1 UNIT COST; 100,000/acre T/COST; 500,000

3) REQUIRED; unskilled labor QTY; 40 UNIT COST; Sync 10,000/head, Transplanting 10,000/head,Weeding 10,000/head T/COST; 500,000

4) REQUIRED; Puddling QTY; 1 power tiller UNIT COST; 100,000.acre T/COST; 500,000

5) REQUIRED; Preparation QTY; 1 T/COST; 400,000

6) REQUIRED; Hoe QTY; 10 UNIT COST; 5,000 T/COST; 50,000

7) REQUIRED; Fertilizers QTY; 6 bags sowing and booster fertilizer @60,0000/bag T/COST; 720,000

8) REQUIRED; Food for staff QTY; 3meals/day UNIT COST; 20000/day, required to visit 24 days over project lifetime T/COST; 500,000

9) REQUIRED; Cutlass QTY; 10 UNIT COST; 3,000 T/COST; 30,000

10) REQUIRED; Trainee fee QTY; 2 staff UNIT COST; 300,000 T/COST; 600,000

11) REQUIRED; Transport QTY; 2 staff UNIT COST; 80,000/day. Required to visit 24 days over project lifetime. T/COST 3,840,000

12) REQUIRED; Pesticides and Weedicides T/COST; 400,000

13) REQUIRED; Pre and post-harvest activities T/COST; 2,500,000

14) REQUIRED; Precaution Balance T/COST; 5,000,000 TOTAL 16,840,000 Tsh (7,200 USD)

We ask for each one of you who will be willing to please donate and support our project so we can make a difference and also assist our fellow youth and the community at large.

Please ask any questions to the creator of the project here:

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Created February 22, 2019

Obedi Kawogo

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