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The main aim of this project is to help the orphan children who are currently living in hard conditions in Tunduma- Momba district in Tanzania. These children face many hardships at a very young age and so they struggle to survive every single day with no help at all. These children do not have good and friendly shelters where they can stay, they have no reliable food supply where they sometimes go a whole day without eating, they have no clothes, they cannot go to school etc.

The aim of this project is to at least ease the lives of these children who have to worry about their survival every single day by providing them with essentials like food, clothing and a better place where they can sleep. There are sixteen children at the moment that we would like to help them. Education is now free thanks to the government but they need to have necessary things like uniform, stationaries etc that would enable them acquire their education comfortably.

We ask everyone to donate so as to help these children and God will bless you because saving children is saving the world and the future generation. The amount we are asking for is 1000 USD for this project. Whatever amount you donate no matter how small it may be, will help make a difference.

Please ask any questions to the creator of the project here:

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