Sexual and reproductive healthcare

This is an ongoing project that is based in Kisumu, Kenya. It is a sexual and reproductive health project that's basically started to benefit youths and adolescents covering the county government of kisumu.

The main reasons why i decided to come up with this project was; Kisumu county is an area known for HIV/AIDS prevalence for youths and adolescents, early pregnancies in adolescents of ages 12-19 is on a high rate, youths and adolescents engage in sexual activities at an early age, early marriages due to lack of information and awareness, and abortion rate is at an alarming rate leading to deaths.

I am writing to request for donor funding that can enable this organization to be useful to the youths and adolescents in this county in the following ways

(1)To be able to facilitate training's and meetings in different areas of kisumu county.

(2)To help the poor, youths and adolescents in meeting critical and basic needs such as education, clothing, food and exposure.

(3)To purchase for health education materials and health talks in this county.

(4)To lay out the consequences of early pregnancies and dropouts in school which is rampant.

(5)To have a sex talk and allow them to give their views on the same.

(6)To encourage abstinence and give talks on possible solutions.

(7)Teaching girls to respect themselves and have respect for their bodies.

(8) To have a specific impact to the community and bring about a desired result for the young generation.

I started out this small project on my own but i have received two of my friends who are willing to help me carry out this program and to see through a younger generation succeed even those in critical situations. I always feel motivated to see the impact of my work in the lives of other people. I am asking for anyone who will see this to donate for this project so we can eventually create a better community.

Please ask any questions to the creator of the project here:

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