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Tollen Community Education Centre is registered under societies act as a (CBO) Community Based Organization certificate No. 34443 and home for Orphans Destitute and Street Children started on 14th June 2014 by founder Director Tom Nyakundi Bongoye to offer free formal/non-formal education support programme to the underprivileged children in our society and others faced with severe social economic difficulties. Tollen community education center, it has both primary and secondary school were we are housing 220 needy children's both girls and boys.

Our Mission is to provide holistic development to children who have no hope in life, to bring a change in the life of children whose right has been misused and abused, to bring up a religious children who can give back to the society. So far we have managed to achieve the following; Hiv /aids awareness campaigns, Child labor campaigns and mind transformation. Despite these achievements we face many challenges as well that have made it difficult to achieve our goals of helping these young boys and girls. Some of the challenges that we face are such as we fail to provide these children with clothing, clean water, food, proper shelter, medical care etc. These challenges are the reason we ask for anyone that would be willing to support our course and donate so that we can provide hope and a better tomorrow for these children.

We are asking for a donation of 5000 USD (500,000 Ksh) that will be used as per the description given below;

1)Food items such as, rice, maize flour, sugar, beans, cooking oil, salt, tealeaves, tomatoes, cabbages, onions, potatoes costing Ksh80,000 Per month (2)Medicare emergency funds that is hospital bills for sick learners that would cost Ksh 30,000

(3)mattress since we are planning to add 20 mattress each costing ksh1200 therefore making a total of Ksh 24,000

(4) blankets since we plan to add 20 blankets each costing ksh 500 making a total of Ksh 10,000

(5)beds, we plan to add 5 double Decker beds each costing ksh 10,000 making a total of Ksh 50,000

(6) Rent bills that is Rental bills for 12 rooms each ksh 3500 and Electricity ksh 4000 hence making a total of Ksh 46,000 Per month

(7) Staff salaries for 8 teachers each ksh 6500, 2 cooks each ksh5000, 2 security guards each ksh 5500 making a total of Ksh 73,000 Per month

(8) Water tank for 1000 litters that would cost Ksh 20,000

(9) stationeries such as chalks, text books, exercise books, pencil and pens a total of Ksh 60,000

(10) Clothes and shoes that would cost Ksh 70,000

(11)cleanliness that would include things like soap, oil, toothbrush, toothpaste hair comb, sanitary towels, tissues that would cost Ksh 25,000

(12)furniture that is 12 desks each ksh1000 total ksh12,000

GRAND BUDGET AND Total amount is Ksh 500,000 (5000 USD) Please we need your help and support to accomplish this, we ask you to be part of providing hope and a better future for these children.

Please ask any questions to the creator of the project here:

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Created February 25, 2019

Tom Nyakundi

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