The main reason that we would like people to donate for our project is that we would like to build a preschool that will be providing good learning foundation for the children. The preschool will be comprehensive with materials that make learning great and fun for young children, it will be well spaced and ventilated. The walls not too bright not too dark with drawings of animals like giraffe, tortoise and hyena and a teacher's desk just right at the back of the classroom. We have decided to take up this project because we have an experience with dealing with children and we have a passion for teaching but we are also professional teachers hence we assure you that this is a project that will be well managed.

The amount we are asking for from anyone that will be willing to support our project is 3000 USD where we will manage to cover the construction of the preschool where we would like to start with just two classes and a latrine and later expand from there. Therefore the 3000 USD will cover for the two classes and a latrine and few learning materials to start with. It is our hope that this project will help the children get a proper education that would prepare them to become future leaders. This project will help reduce the number of children on the streets that end up being mixed up in activities such as using drugs at a young age, stealing etc where by their future will be ruined. Therefore your support is highly needed to accomplish this and only God will bless you.

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Created February 25, 2019


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