Currently I am living in Tabora Tanzania. I am a female It is about one year since I started this project. This is a project that is based in education where the aim is to help street children and orphans living in poor and difficult conditions around my area. What I do is assist them to at least get a primary education. I currently have 27 children in this center who all look up to me for all their necessary needs since they do not really have anyone to help them.

I have tried to help them and it is my wish to continue doing this because I love these children and I would really like to see them succeed in future and create something good for themselves. However there are some challenges that am currently facing and this has really pushed me to come out and ask for assistance from whoever that will be ready to assist. Some of the challenges we are facing are such as; First the major issue is we only have one small classroom at the moment that is not at all enough compared to the number of children that we have, we have very few desks and tables hence causing these children to not sit comfortably because they are usually very squeezed, lack of enough teaching and learning materials including exercise and textbooks and stationeries and also food.

For us to be able to overcome these challenges and provide a more comfortable learning environment for these children we would like to ask for a donation of 1500 USD. We genuinely ask for your support in helping these children that are living under difficult conditions to get education at primary level. May the almighty God bless you.

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Created February 25, 2019

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