According to statistics, many girls aged 10 to 18 in the Democratic Republic of Congo have dropped out of school and find themselves in a precarious situation with no future. Some had to leave because of the sexual harassment committed by their teachers, the stigmatization or the reprisals suffered after the harassment; for others it is because of the lack of means of their family. Other girls are experiencing catastrophic situations: sexual assault and rape that are common place by both the population and the authorities; sexual exploitation in bars and restaurants where they have to go from waitresses to prostitutes; economic exploitation in mining quarries. It follows from this, many difficulties; some experience early childbearing as a result of rape or forced marriages supported by retrograde customs and practices; others may be infected with HIV / AIDS and / or other sexually transmitted diseases.

Thus, due to such kind of situation this project aims to prevent and provide holistic support to child victims of early maternity in the city of Goma in North Kivu. The project aims at assisting 50 girls as a start who mostly have been sexually harassed and violated hence most of them have been rejected by their families and have lost hope. Furthermore we would like to ask for a donation of 3750 USD from anyone that would want to be part of helping these young girls get a better life. Thus the project will work to ensure the prevention of sexual violence in 10 partner schools through the animation of 10 teen clubs, the psychological care of girls with accompaniment of the psychologist therapist, the socioeconomic reintegration of girls who are victims of sexual violence, early motherhood or vulnerable in the community and also promote the rehabilitation of girls who are victims of violence through psychological support and training them on various entrepreneurial activities so they can be able to support themselves.

Basically the donation will be help providing training, awareness and psychological care, counseling relating to sexual assault, HIV/AIDS, early motherhood and early marriages to these girls who have completely lost hope. We would need people who are qualified for this work to help these girls feel like they are just like other young women in the community. Therefore please we ask you to help us give hope and courage to these young women who have been abused.

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Created February 28, 2019

Democratic Republic of the Congo

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