The early years of a child’s life are ones of rapid growth and development. The vital contribution of pre-school education lies in developing and broadening children’s learning experiences, leaving them confident, eager and enthusiastic learners. Therefore this is possible through starting a pre-school where children can get knowledge.

At Masaulwa Village I Found that most of kids under 6 years they lack basic educational foundation due the poverty of their families. What gets on to my mind when I see those kids is that; is it true that Kids from poor families have no right to get nice education? The Answer is NO. Even the poor children from poor families regardless of their gender or disabilities or orphanage, they have a right to get quality education, as an opportunity to strengthen their language skills and develop independence and confidence.

The Project is aiming at ensuring that learning takes place inside and outside the classrooms, through an inquiry-based approach. This provides children with a wealth of exciting opportunities to acquire new skills, understandings and knowledge. The carefully constructed learning engagements tend to an enriching experience which helps to develop the whole child and stimulating learning environment where children will get the opportunity to experiment, explore and discover. Total donation needed to fund this project is $ 5,000 where this will facilitate the construction of; (1) A single classroom for 40 or 50 kids $2900 (2) Toilet $800 (3) Buying some furniture and teaching and learning materials $1000 (4) Transportation of all materials and emergency (unforeseen) costs $ 300.

Therefore your support will be highly appreciated in making this dream a reality for these children

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