Rural Action for Safe Water Project (RASWP)

Galikwoleka primary school is proposed to benefit from this project because of lack of water at the school. The school has an enrollment of 442 pupils (224 girls and 218 boys) in primary one to seven but without any water source. The only nearby pond where pupils fetch water is 1kilometer away. Pupils waste a lot of their valuable time in fetching water that would have been used to study. This has resulted into child abuse by some community members like beating the children, defilement, and misconducts by children like stealing people’s food and fruits.

The school has got three structures that are used as classrooms. With your support we propose to install two water tanks of 10,000 liters each at school that will harvest rain water and end the problem of lack of water. Consequently, the water and sanitation problems that have been faced for so long due to drinking unsafe water from the pond will also be eliminated. With the installation of the water tank children will access water for drinking, preparing their meals, washing their hands, mopping their classrooms and for personal hygiene especially for girls. This will contribute to their well-being and improved quality of life.

Please help these children by donating a total of 1352USD so we can help improve their well-being and allow them to receive their education in a comfortable and healthy manner

Please ask any questions to the creator of the project here:

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