The problem at hand is that many cases the youths find themselves in financial needs particularly in addressing the physical, material and educational needs. In addition, some of the youth are out of school and are unemployed so they engage themselves in unproductive ventures so as to support themselves. This has put some of the youth especially girls at an extremely high risk for contracting HIV and other STDs. Therefore we consultatively came up with the poultry project as an income generating project at JBS Agri Business Enterprises Ltd that would help the youth as well. Furthermore, the organization seeks to provide income generation projects for the youth, giving them an alternate way to support themselves and their dependents.

The project shall be used as a model farm for the youth to acquire new skills and training as well for further business investment and better their life. I have a goal of 10,000 Layers in a period of 3 years. But at start 4757 USD can manage 1,000Layers and profits can be used to expand business. Create job opportunities for the youths and as well encourage and train them in business. i have attached a budget for the project. I believe this project will be life changing for people in my community especially the youth through job creation and even practical business training. I already have a poultry house which can accommodate over 1,200 layer birds and if broilers, it can accommodate 3,000 birds. Most of fixed costs are done and the only requirement is the capital to commence business. I have experience in this project for over 4 years. This project can be self-sustained after a period of seven months and even expand business.

Here is a breakdown of how the donation of 4757 USD will be used; 1) 1100 Layer Birds@4000 = 4,400,000 (2) Transporting chicks = 50,000 (3) 8 Bags of Charcoal@35,000 = 280,000 (4) Drugs = 300,000 (5) Vaccination = 500,000 (6) 1430 Kg Layer Starter 1-49 days@1,848 = 2,642,640 (7) 2090 Kg Layer Grower 49-84 days@1,580 = 3,302,200 (8) 1540 Kg Layer Developer 85-105 days@1,548= 2,383,920 (9) 3270 Kg Floor Layer 30 days consumption@1,144 = 3,740,880. Total expected expenditure is 7,599,640 ($4,757).

Thus, we ask you to please support our project so we can be able to help reduce the number of youth on the streets that end up doing unproductive things that have major consequences in their future.

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