This is a youth empowerment project with a major objective of solving unemployment and fighting poverty among the youth. This project is for both educated and uneducated youth, and aims at equipping youth with skills that can help them survive in the society. It is a nongovernment organization fighting for the educated who luck special skill and are willing to learn .This thing is common in Uganda and it’s one of our major target. Being unemployed is a very common problem in Uganda forcing most youth to go to Arab countries for external labor.

Therefore our aim is to come up with various projects that will enable the youth to be equipped with knowledge that would help them cope in this fast moving world. Our main goals are; we are planning to launch a campaign for poverty eradication among educated youth, to start a door to door training on special skill for example basic computer knowledge, to help on the educated youth to acquire more knowledge about computers like teaching them graphics design, networking, IT software development and website design, train youth how to be jobs creators not seekers, provide some startup capital to the youth.

What we are asking for is a donation of 1000 USD that would help us as a start in order to accomplish our main goal of helping the youth by equipping them with knowledge that would help them survive in the society. Hence this donation will be used to provide the necessary training for the youth through group discussions and hands on training, get the necessary tools and equipment like laptops, computers etc that will be used on the training session, qualified teachers that will provide the required teachings, providing small startup capital after the training is over and launch several campaigns for eradicating poverty.

Your support will be highly appreciated because it will help us reach the youth directly and help reduce the number of youth on the streets who are forced to engage themselves in unproductive activities in order to survive.

Please ask any questions to the creator of the project here:

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Created March 5, 2019

Daniel Kayanja

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