Education sponsership for my daughter Fionah Syokau.

My name is Mutuku Muia kenyan citizen and iam kindly requesting for education sponsorship for my daughter Fionah Syokau. Fionah did the KCPE examination last year and passed well with score of 374 marks out of 500 and got admitted at Kathiani girl’s high school. I have been facing difficulties and challenges in my life for I am sick suffering from diabetes type two and I have been physically weak due to diabetes complications and despite my healing condition I am a single parent I raise my children alone. I have two daughters Fionah and her young sister and it has been very difficult raising my children alone with no support.

Therefore now my eldest daughter has to start secondary school and I do not have the means to and I would really love for her to excel in life so she can have a much better life than I did and I know the only way she can do this is through education. My daughter had to report in school in January and I am really grateful that I managed to take her to school with much struggling and few support from people who know my status and were happy of my daughter’s performance, Fionah has reported in school but am not sure of what to do next term. I am really struggling am not sure what to do when the term is over it really scares me.

I am asking for support to help my daughter so she can be able to complete her ordinary level which she has just started. This will take from form one that she has started to form four and every year has three semesters. Therefore the amount am asking for people to donate is a total of 3671 USD where 1) form one will require a total of 970 USD (2) form two a total of 880 USD (3) form three a total of 841usd (4) form four a total of 980 USD

Kindly support this brightly poor girl to continue with studies at Kathiani girls high school.

Please ask any questions to the creator of the project here:

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Created March 5, 2019

Mutuku Muia

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