Sanitary pads - an option for girls to stay in school

The use of sanitary pads as an option for girls to stay in school is so touching especially to women who have found it difficult to shrive trough the adolescent stage. In the African community most parents fear to talk about sex education with their children and more so do the teachers. I have been over whelmed to note that many girls either miss school because of menstrual issues or unwanted pregnancies. Menstruation though natural but is rarely talked about in public. Girls will be counselled and have educative sessions on sex and reproductive health and the use of sanitary pads in order for this project to be sustainable. Most girls suffer stigma and lack of services and facilities to help them cope. Many girls in schools lack the necessary materials for managing menstrual hygiene like pads whereby some use tone cloths which can fall out during interaction and thus become embarrassing to them and eventually creates fear and lack of confidence for these girls which is not good thing since we believe that girls should be as confident in school just as boys. Also the use of these torn clothes need to be handled well since if they are not clean can cause diseases/infections which is harmful.

In a nutshell this project will focus mostly on girls in school so as to enable them to learn how to handle problems associated with puberty and reproductive health. There is no group working on these issues in these schools and the district at large but there are companies and organizations working on similar issues in other parts of the country. This is why we felt the need to carry out this project in schools. We are currently targeting 300 girls from 3 different schools who cannot access these services.

Therefore we are asking for donation of 800 USD so that we are able to move from one school to the other with people who are experts so as to provide counseling, how to deal with humiliation etc, sex and reproductive education relating to puberty and reproductive health, providing sanitary pads and education on its hygiene and how they are used. Please we ask you to be part of this and help these girls so they can comfortably acquire their education just as the boys without any fear

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Created March 6, 2019

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