Old is gold

The aim of this project is to help the elderly because we have such people in our community where they get problems or difficulties since they are mostly left with no help or support. These people need our help, therefore the aim of this project is to is mostly to have a special home where the elderly can stay although this is a long term plan since it requires a lot of money hence for now what we can do is to help them get the essential needs for survival such as food, clothes and medical care.

This would help them get a relief for them at least for now as we are trying to to raise more money for a proper shelter with all the necessary equipment and facilities. We are currently dealing with 15 of them and we would like to ask for your support in making sure they at least get the basic needs. Furthermore we request for your assistance to help provide relief for the elderly people by providing the essentials like food, clothes and medical care since they do not have any support so far.

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Created March 6, 2019

Baraza Moses

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