Wezesha DADA project

The purpose of this project is basically focused on empowering young women for a better tomorrow. This is to aspire these young girls to live their dreams to the fullest. Women especially girls when they go through puberty they are sometimes faced with difficulties and therefore it is important that they get sexual and reproductive education in order for them to cope with the occurring changes. Therefore the aim of this project is to conduct clinics in schools especially to the girls in upper classes so we can educate them on how they are supposed to carry themselves as young women so as to avoid issues such as early pregnancies while still in school as we know these cases are many in our society. Also we intend to provide sanitary pads to these girls and education on how to use them as well as having proper hygiene. We feel that this is important since most of these girls sometimes get humiliated in school and sometimes they fail to even attend school. It is our hope that you will support us in this project so we can help these young girls to have a better future and have a comfortable time when in school

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