Humanitarian Aids for the Internal Displaced Population of the Anglophone Crises in Cameroon.

English speaking Cameroonian swept in an armed conflict between restoration forces and the Government for more than two years now. Unarmed civilians are facing a humanitarian crisis and some-one must start doing something fast. This goes back where Cameroon was once a German colony that was divided between France and Britain after the World War 1According to the UN estimate, tens of thousands of English speaking Cameroonians are internally displaced. The intention of this project is to provide humanitarian aid to put and put a smile on the faces of the internally displaced persons (IDP) of the ongoing Anglophone crisis in Cameroon.

The plan is to be able to extend the aids to other affected regions in the future. For now it’s very difficult to carry-out missions on the ground due to lack of financial assistance. This Aid is mostly for those few who have managed to escape the conflict areas to nearby French speaking towns precisely Douala the economic capital where for now we have already located 12 families living in unbearable conditions.

We are humbly asking for anyone to support us raise 1000 USD for now and this donation that we will receive will mostly go to these 12 families for now so we can enable them get the basic needs which has been a problem for them to acquire at this point. The money that we will raise will mostly cover the provision food, water and medical supplies for these families that have managed to survive and are now struggling to survive. Whatever support you have will be very useful and highly appreciated. Bridge the gap by giving whatever small amount, which will change a lot.

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Created March 7, 2019

Clovis Gwegateh

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