Long Hands Foundation is a local nonprofit in Kenya, Africa. We are a startup, low on funds and human resource. We are looking for volunteers to help us reach the communities that desperately need our services. Our aim is to create a link between the less privileged section of our society and the health care system through our "mobile health care approach". Our organization is Disability-inclusive, Anti-discrimination, Equal rights and opportunities bound.

Our target groups (Beneficiaries) are; 1. Teenage mothers and children 2. Victims of child marriage 3. Incarcerated community 4. School leavers 5. HIV/AIDS community 5.1 HIV/AIDS in the workplace 5.2 HIV/AIDS and Special Needs (Disability) Services to be offered include; 1. Voluntary counseling and testing (HIV) 2. Testing vitals such as Blood pressure 3. Sexual and reproductive health classes 4. Nutrition classes 5. Skills training to improve the socioeconomic status of beneficiaries. 6. HIV/AIDS education at different levels 7. Health and wellness in the workplace 8. Community support groups 9. Psycho-social cancelling etc for more information on Volunteering and Donations please call these numbers; +254799888952 +254799888951.

Please help donate for our project so we can be able to help these people.

Please ask any questions to the creator of the project here:

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Created March 12, 2019

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