We are located in a rural area with over 90% of the population living in the rural setting. The main economic activity is Agriculture. However, with the whole population practicing peasant farming using poor methods that result in low productivity, high soil fertility deterioration, poor nutrition habits, high levels of illiteracy due to failure to support children in school -as a result girls drop out of school and give birth between the ages of 14-23. Both parents are not able to support the child in school and the cycle continues generation to generation affecting developed of the area and nation at large. Pit latrine coverage is also very low and all the above results in extreme poverty for the household. Given the opportunity of KBCDC vision and mission the above challenges can be reduced.

Our vision is 'A better society for all' and the aim of our organization is empowering households for transformation to a better society. It does so by providing social, political, economic and interpersonal support. Therefore we train and empower households to be economically stable, healthy, educative and environmentally conserving. We believe households constitute men, women and children that makes the beginning of a society and better society.

We are asking for a donation of 3500USD that will help us achieve our goals of creating a better society for all and the donated amount will assist in the following ways; (1) Training and sensitization of households about financial wisdom and discipline (mindset change) of the households in the community. (2) Establishing a well-managed and functioning financial support institution. (3) Support and empower households with dairy production projects. (4) Support and empower vulnerable households with entrepreneurial knowledge and training. We really need your support on this project so we can be able to provide a better tomorrow for our society. Thank you.

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Created March 12, 2019


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