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Help my young brother simion kagwema who pursuing bachelor of art in special need (SPED) in university of Dodoma (UDOM). It has been really difficult to provide for him to continue with his studies because of low economy from the family to satisfy his needs including accommodation and fee and unfortunately he has not been able to get any assistance from government. Furthermore he already started in November 28/2018 but there is no hope that he will be able to continue with his studies. We would really like to see him complete his studies and making his dreams come true because we believe education is the only way that can help him survive and compete in this fast moving world. Therefore we are asking for a donation of 2433.9USD for him to complete his education and below is how we came up with this amount for the remaining semester; YEAR OF STUDY 1st year (2018/19) 1,900,000 2nd year (2019/20) 1,900,000 3rd year (2021/22) 1,900,000 TOTAL 5,700,000 Tsh= 2433.90000 USD. Please help support my brother so he can complete his education and make something for himself and in future to be able to assist the family in general.

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Created March 13, 2019

Uswege Kagwema

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