Tanzaproud Education foundation, is an emerging organization that is developing the first truly comprehensive, integrated and personalized solutions to student in need of career education, guidance and counselling services. This is an opportunity for students, youths, parents and the society as a whole in making well-informed choices and/or proper guidance to others in the pursuit of their career goals. Career education being a purpose creating tool in students and youths, will increase academic performances in schools i.e. reducing dropouts from schools, increasing number of students up the education chain, successful acceptance of students in education institutions, passionate, creative & innovative workers, well-trained entrepreneurs and business minded talent.

Tanzaproud Education Foundation is an organization that offers carrier guidance and counselling in Tanzania , .Our vision is “to be a platform were every Tanzanian dream is realized” with the mission of “Making the youth the Centre of their Career destiny, raising standards in education, social and economic sectors in Tanzania”. As an organization, we are constantly building platforms connecting students with the right experts, institutions and mentors, services that we intend to offer through seminars, conferences and online platforms throughout the country.

We request your support in raising 3500 USD that will help us in reaching our target group who are mostly the youth for provision of these services because most of Tanzanian students don’t know what career choice they should pursue. So with your support we will be able to reach them and impact this knowledge. Thank you

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