This project was triggered by the widows in the community who are struggling every day to survive and that is why it felt right to start a group called NISHEKE MKONO which is a Swahili word that means HOLD MY HAND. The main aim of this group was to help these women who are widows to be economically and financially stable and give them even psychological support since they are left alone with their children after their husbands died and you find that in most cases they were the ones who were the providers of the family. This is because mostly these women were house wives before and their husbands were the ones providing everything for the family like paying for school fees, food, clothes, rent etc.

Therefore these women need a new beginning since they now have to support the family. In this regard the main objective of this project is (1) establishing the simple project for widows on home economics activities to help them sustain their living (2) providing the advice on running simple business and how to save for the future (3) providing the loan the widows who are able and capable in running the simple business.

Furthermore this group currently has 13 members and from the main objectives of this project we have managed to come up with a poultry project that will help raise money for these women. We have a managed to start but it is done locally to a very small scale since there are many difficulties at the moment due to financial constraints and so we need to expand this business if we want to do this in a large scale so that it helps all these women. We need a much bigger space, more equipment and facilities in short we need capital to expand the poultry project. Also these women need to be couched and have entrepreneurial training so that they are able to stand on their own and later offer them loans that will help them start their own businesses. All these require money and that is why we are asking for financial support through your donations.

We are asking for 4000USD so we can expand the poultry business, provide entrepreneurial training and offer small loans. Thank you very much your donations will help improve the lives of these women and their families

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Created March 13, 2019


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