Raising tuition fees for our fellow college students that cannot afford

Hello, we are Collage students of the hotel and tourism training institute jinja Uganda. We formed our association called the North and eastern Uganda students Association, (NEUSA). The main aim of this association is to come up with ways of helping our fellow students who sometimes have to drop out due to lack of tuition fee. It is very painful when we see that some of our fellow students have to stop their studies and go back home and that is why we decided to start this association that will help raise money that will help such students complete their studies. The main objective of our association is to support struggling students who lack tuition to attain education, through association members will be helped financially to attain school tuition through this project and to startup businesses which will generate income to association in order for the association to run its projects well and smoothly. What we do is come up with several business ideas that mostly relate to the course that we are pursuing and find ways on how we can make money out of it. The money that we get is directed to paying tuition fees for our fellow students whose parents cannot afford.

We have several activities going on but they do not function as required to generate income because of financial difficulties. The projects that have started are such as providing catering and decorating services for example if someone has a wedding or any ceremony they call us and we offer services like cooking, decorating and they pay us. Also we do entertainment where we do traditional dances in different functions. The catering business especially requires capital to operate and this is where we are stuck. We are asking for donations to make this project work and generate money that will assist our fellow students. We have other projects that we would like to start in future like event planning and management all these with the aim of generating more money.

We sincerely need everyone’s support in making sure we raise enough money to enable our fellow students to finish their education and make their dreams come true.

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Created March 14, 2019


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