The Nairobi South Dagoretti Sub County is an area with so many jobless young people. This has resulted in many of them engaging in crime, drug abuse and deteriorating social fabric. This project aim is to reach out to the young people in our community, rehabilitating and empowering them with skills to get them on their feet. With sustainable economic projects they will be reintegrated to the society to build their lives and the nation.

Therefore these donations will go a long way to 1. Hire an empowerment center with a capacity to train and equip 150 young people. 2. Outreach and awareness campaigns to reach out to the young people. 3. Organizing training programs and empowerment workshops and seminars to empower them. 4. Having the necessary equipment and facilities to be used during training 5. Paying the relevant personnel to conduct the seminars and training.

Your donations and support will help transform our community and create a society of self-reliant equipped and empowered youth that will bring change and impact fellow young people

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Created March 14, 2019


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