Action for Fundamental Change and Development (AFFCAD) is a youth led nonprofit organization founded in 2009 to transform living conditions in Kampala’s poorest slum areas by empowering the children, youth and young women through education, health, and economic empowerment programs. Since its establishment, AFFCAD’s primary focus has been supporting orphans and vulnerable children. In June 2011 they established the first ever community nursery and primary school called AFFCAD School (Former Excel Education Center) that has supported over 400 children from Bwaise slums.

Bwaise is the poorest, most densely populated slum area in Kampala. More than 114,500 people (The Slum Settlement Profile askyourgov.ug) live without basic services such as education, water, shelter and sanitation. Much as AFFCAD prides to have helped 400 children in the past years access quality education, literacy in Bwaise is still very low with more than 50% of the total population not having attended primary school. The former AFFCAD School (previously called Excel Education Center) was in deplorable state with a student population between 100 and 200 students. Most classrooms were destroyed by flooding, exposing the students to danger and possible health hazards. Toilets were poorly built which created a risk of collapsing. The landlord refused to upgrade the building and the Kampala Capital City Authority (KCCA) overseeing schools in Kampala has deemed the current school site ‘unsanitary’ and ‘unsafe’. With funds from the Hewlett Foundation- USA, AFFCAD bought land in Bwaise to transfer the current school. The new dream AFFCAD School is aligned with the vision 2030 and Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), providing global, competitive quality education and a favorable study environment.

Last year, AFFCAD launched the Excel rebuild 2020 project, which aims to improve quality primary education by re-constructing our depilated primary school into a dream school of the future for Bwaise, the poorest and largest slum area in Kampala. For Phase 1, in April 2018 AFFCAD received £109406.51 from the Hewlett Foundation- USA to purchase land for the proposed site for the new school. Land has been purchased and the land titles are legally registered under AFFCAD’s name. In June 2018, of the total $103,547.53 USD needed, AFFCAD secured $72,600USD from the Front hill Foundation UK. This helped to start the renovation of the existing 4 structures at the new premises (which was turned into the kindergarten, nursery section).

AFFCAD is now looking for $2000 to buy furniture for the class rooms and school in general. Positive impact in the Bwaise community. Currently the AFFCAD School supports 96 students who will be moved to the new site (Kindergarten to Primary 3). Most of these students are orphans and children from disadvantaged families in Bwaise slums. We hereby ask for your help and support in making this possible.

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