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Leads united is a registered community organization that help address and eradicate crime and use of drugs among the youth aged 15 to 35 though sports and entrepreneurship. This organization has taken interest in this since we see that a lot of youth on the streets engage themselves in such activities when they fail to get proper jobs, so through football they get busy all the time and do not get time to think about such bad acts.

We currently have about seventy youths of different age groups participating in football leagues and tournaments. These youth need to get all the necessary things that would enable them to play comfortably like the jersey, balls, sports shoes, transportation when they have to play with other teams etc. Getting these things to fit the number of youth that we have has been a challenge due to financial difficulties. Also this organization has a plan to start a water selling project with the aim of raising money to have a sustainable team with all the facilities they require so that one day it can be able to compete at the national level. We hereby ask for your donations in making this a reality.

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