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This project is aimed at transforming livelihoods of unemployed youths in Uganda. A lot of youths have studied and some of them have graduated but there are literally no jobs for them, thus a rampant range of unemployed youth wallowing from one place to another looking for a job but there's no hope. That so being, some youths have resorted to being creative by inventing ideas that can help them fight unemployment in their areas. Therefore this project was designed by a group of 5 youth that have finished the University education but have not been able to get jobs. These 5 people are all equipped with different skills that is to say; Tailoring skills, carpentry, making shoes, creative decorators and interior designers. This project would like to recruit youths from different locations of the country and equip them with these skills in a hands-on practical way so as to help them be able to make sellable products through conducting different workshops. The world is evolving and we would like to be part of it by manufacturing different products that will be on the world market. Products like clothes, shoes, bags, wall hangings, shaggy carpets, chairs, chandeliers, beds and many more are the ones we are planning to make in these workshops.

We are asking for donations that will support us in buying the necessary equipment to make these products, materials to use to make these products and most importantly the market to sell these products and also conduct different workshop to equip them with the necessary knowledge and skills, so that these youths can be able to earn some income. Community outreaches will also be done to encourage the youth to be creative and let them know that we have a free platform that can help them execute their great ideas.

We want to start small but with a vision of having the project go beyond Uganda and spread to other African countries and mostly in the rural areas so that we can have development in Africa.

We do believe that it’s better to equip a person with skills that can last a lifetime and can use them to change their lives for a lifetime than giving them money to buy food.

We would like to change the mindset of the youth into doing what they like because in that way, they can be determined and committed to their creations while earning some income. Thus improving the livelihoods of Africans. Thank you

With the right platform, a ready market, and some start up carpital, very many youths in Uganda can be able to go from Job seekers to Job creators..

this Project is aimed at helping youths be able to improve their creativeness into great business that can be able to provide employment for many generations in the country.

Please ask any questions to the creator of the project here:

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Created March 16, 2019

Kenneth Munyagwa

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